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We recognize that everyone is affected by the COVID pandemic in different ways. Please use this website to help support yourself and your family during this time. Thank you!

TLC Reopening Plan

Dear MPS and Walden Families,

We have spent the last several months creating 3 plans:

  • Returning fully in-person

  • Returning in a rotating hybrid model (in-person and remote)

  • Remaining fully remote

On August 14, TLC submitted its final reopening plans to the state.

I want to be clear that we are required by the State to open. That decision is not up to TLC. However, I believe when you see how we are proposing to open, you will be reassured that we are being very conservative, in phases, in order to prioritize safety for all.

This plan, while submitted to the state, is considered a draft and will likely continue to evolve; however, we will continue to keep you posted on all changes or government approvals and guidance;

I remain confident that TLC will come out the other side of this year stronger and better than ever.


Sarah Glenn-Smith, MBA, PhD


DESE Special Education Family Resource Toolbox

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