Resources in ASL

I wear a mask because...

Social Distancing


Managing Stress and Anxiety

Parents Supporting Children

Caring for Someone at Home Who May Have COVID-19

CSD Coronavirus ASL Hotline

VP: (833) 682-7630

CSD Coronavirus web page

VL2: Visual Language and Visual Learning

VL2 is sending a series of emails with different topics. In those emails, they will share research findings from the Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2), Science of Learning Center. Activities and Tips are included to support you and your family during this pandemic. Links to videos and other resources will be provided, as well.

Public COVID-19 Resources for the Deaf Community

Collection of Crowdsourced Resource Links

Partners in Deaf Health

Facebook: @deafhealth

Boston University

Deaf Education Library

Individuals may be required to login to access the library.

DHCC #OperationStorytime

ASL eBooks & other ASL Educational Resources for parents and kids.


Described and Captioned Media Program

ASL training for Families

Coronavirus Visual Tool

To assist Medical Professionals and Deaf and hard of hearing individuals communicate better during medical appointments. This COVID card has been translated to a number of languages and these can be viewed here.

The importance of washing your hands.

Why handwashing is important!