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Tuesday, August 11 at 7:00 PM EST


Update From The CEO

Dear MPS and Walden Families,

We have spent the last several months creating 3 plans:

  • Returning fully in-person

  • Returning in a rotating hybrid model (in-person and remote)

  • Remaining fully remote

We have also created our proposal for the approach we would like to take to begin to reopen.

I want to be clear that we are required by the State to open. That decision is not up to TLC. However, I believe when you see how we are proposing to open, you will be reassured that we are being very conservative, in phases, in order to prioritize safety for all. We have been required by the State to not "finalize" any plans until after August 14, when all draft plans are due to the Department of Education. What I am sharing in the attached document is a draft, and will not be considered final until we have permission from DESE.

We will review this document during our Town Hall meeting on Tuesday. The presentation will be recorded in the event that anyone is unable to attend.

Given that we have about an hour to present our current plan and answer the questions that were sent in ahead of time, it is unlikely that we will have time for open questions and answers. If there are additional questions following our presentation, we will communicate about follow-up meetings.

A few things to note about the attached document:

1. We are proposing a slow, and cautious phased in reopening in stages, where adults return months before any students return;

2. This plan is a draft and will likely continue to evolve; however, we will continue to keep you posted on all changes or government approvals and guidance;

3. The public schools have received approval to have 10 additional days prior to the start of school for training. We do not yet know if this has been approved for Chapter 766 schools. We are advocating very hard to be given this same period. If we are successful, the attached schedule will be revised accordingly.

I remain confident that TLC will come out the other side of this year stronger and better than ever.


Sarah Glenn-Smith, MBA, PhD


Click here to see the draft reopening plan.

Plan for Remote Learning at The Learning Center for the Deaf

This plan was created with the guidance of Commissioner Jeff Riley and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

DESE Special Education
Family Resource Toolbox

This document provides you with some resources and tools that you may find helpful and will be updated regularly.

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