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April 22, 2020

March 30th Update

March 16th Update

March 16th Update

March 13th Update

Dear TLC Staff,

The leadership team is working, quite literally, around the clock to organize logistics in light of new news. As you may have seen, Governor Baker announced this evening that all gatherings over 25 people are prohibited in the state, including restaurants and bars, until April 17,2020. All schools in the state, including MPS, are closed until April 7, 2020.

I wanted to give you a brief update tonight, with more to follow as we are able. I am committed to continuing to keep you informed as often as I can. Thus far, we have worked to organize the removal of pets from all buildings and the partial opening of buildings, by appointment, tomorrow morning, Monday, March 16th. This will allow teachers to gather any materials they need to prepare to work from home.

We are actively addressing ways to meet the needs of families and students during this time of crisis. Plans include:

  • Ensuring that Walden School staff and students have the resources they need to continue to safely operate. This includes everything from hand sanitizer and meal planning, to making sure all students have working bike helmets to be able to play outside.

  • Confirming that all that need them are able have necessary devices to work from home.

  • We are working on a way to provide access to food for students that rely on the meals they receive at TLC.

  • Connecting with individual staff members that are in higher risk populations.

  • And many, many more logistics…

Supporting parents, students and our community members that we serve is our top priority.

We are actively working on setting up a central place for updates, resources and information, including centralizing all teacher resources for students, and will be in touch as soon as the plan is completed.

Please continue to follow the rules of social distancing- maintaining at least 6 feet from others. However, do not forget that we still need each other! I strongly encourage you to touch base with your colleagues. Next week, plan to attend your regular department meetings via video conference, text each other, VP, Facetime…whatever method you have to stay in touch, please use it. All TLC Gmail calendars include “Google Hangouts” for video calls (If you’re not sure how to use Hangouts- see this link:

Please continue to use for questions related to TLC and our response to the coronavirus. If you have questions specific to your program, please feel free to email your supervisor directly.

We appreciate your patience, as we move as quickly as we can to continue to support the health and safety of all those we serve at TLC. I know this is a stressful time. I have provided several resources below that I hope will bring you some peace of mind, as we all weather this storm together as a community. A special note of gratitude to those working in Walden School, who are going above and beyond to create a place of love and care for our residential students during this challenging time.

In the recent words of Kym Meyer, “Breathe. Hug your loved ones.” (Or waive at them from 6 feet apart!)

We are going to be alright.




Sarah Glenn-Smith, MBA, PhD

Chief Executive Officer